Surtr Ransomware

Surtr ransomware has left a list of successful attacks on companies around the world, the group is in a rapid and coordinated spread, any company can be targeted by Surtr.

The main methods used by the group to break into a victim’s system are Trojans, emails, files downloaded from untrusted sources, fake software updaters, software cracking tools, and more. These are the main means, all of which are highly effective.

Surtr’s main target is the Windows operating system, the ransomware is designed to after the invasion disable any active antivirus, scan the hard drive to locate the files, extract a portion of them and after that start the encryption.

The .SURT extension is added to all encrypted files, the extracted files will be used to pressure the victim to pay the ransom, in case of non-payment the group will leak the data on their dark web site. This type of tactic is called double extortion, numerous ransomware groups use it to pressure their victims.

After the whole extraction and encryption process, the ransomware locks down the operating system, changes the desktop image to one with the group’s logo on it, and presents a pop-up with all the terms for the victim to contact them and make the payment. The group usually uses the email address

Digital Recovery is able to recover files encrypted by Surtr ransomware even without the decryption key.

Surtr Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Surtr Ransomware

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We know that the secrecy of information about the attack is essential, so we provide all our customers with the confidentiality agreement (NDA).

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