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Recover HDD with Logical or Physical Issues

HD data recovery is carried out by trained professionals who have the most advanced tools at their disposal.

Recover HD is a work applied to the extraction of data stored on the HARD DISK, which for some reason is unable to display the files by means of common access. These reasons range from simple knocks and bumps that misaligned the operation of the HD to encryption by Ransomware.

At Digital Recovery, the handling of damaged HD is done in an appropriate location, Class 100 Clean Room, by a department dedicated entirely to recover HD, SDD, Memory Card, Pen Drive and other media. All our specialists are highly trained and have the most advanced technologies to recover HD.

One of the biggest problems we face to recover HD is when the HD went through procedures for data recovery in companies that were not qualified for the service. In these cases the damage caused to the HD is practically irreversible, there are cases that after the negative diagnosis the HD was delivered to the customer open and with missing screws.

Therefore, never trust your hard drive to companies that do not have several cases of success. If your hard drive is sent to a company without an adequate structure, equipment and professionals dedicated to the segment of data recovery, you run the risk of exhausting the possibilities of reversing the scenario of data loss on the hard drive.

In some cases, Digital Recovery managed to reverse the scenario of previous failures in the attempt to recover the data, performed by other companies and professionals, sometimes the first attempt is what will determine the success or definitive loss of data.

Therefore, know very well which data recovery company you are going to hire. Do not entrust your data to companies and professionals that are not reliable.

Types of HDDs

Every computer operates with a data storage technology in order to register files, photos, videos and other data in its memory, the most common being the HD, whether internal or external.

One of the main attributes of a HD is to store the operating system that builds every user experience, the main ones being Windows, macOS and Linux.

We work in Disaster Recovery in all operating systems and HD models!

HD Data Loss?

The loss of data in HD can be classified into 2 groups: logical damage and physical damage.

Logical problems affect only the data, i.e. the hardware (HARD DISK) will continue to function normally, but for some reason, the information will not be accessible.

Physical problems affect the hardware that contains the data, ie, it may be that all the files are intact inside the HD, but the hardware that reads the data, for some reason, can not read or copy the data.

Eventually there may be situations in which there will be data loss by physical and logical damage at the same time.

See the main causes that lead to loss of data on the HD.

Main Causes of Data Losses on Hard Drives

Have You Received a Negative Diagnosis?

If your project had a negative diagnosis or the execution time does not meet your expectations, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

Why Choose Digital Recovery for Hard Drive Recovery?

Digital Recovery specializes in recovering HD, SSD, Pen Drive, Memory Card, RAID, Storage, Database, Magnetic Tape, Ransomware and more. We can recover data from virtually any data storage device.

We are developers of software and hardware technologies that enable us to act with precision and agility in the processes of initial diagnosis and data recovery for our customers. The generation of these technologies makes Digital Recovery unique in several service fronts.

We are a 100% Brazilian company with a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Other partnerships for information exchange and technology sharing are made between companies in countries such as the United States, Russia and Ukraine.

Even if your equipment is in a location where we do not yet have a laboratory, we have the technology to remotely evaluate and recover your data. If this is your case, please consult us.

If you need it we can also provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in a language of your choice. Talk to one of our experts now.

Free diagnosis

Free advanced diagnosis, with results within 24 working hours. Data Center subject to change.

Data Confidentiality

We use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty.

Online Tracking

You will receive real-time feedback during the entire process of performing the contracted services.

Remote Recovery

For those who need agility and practicality, as it is not necessary to send the media and pay for shipping.

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Data List and Double-Check

We release a 100% secure environment for the recovered data to be listed and effectively carry out a cheque with your IT department.

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Multidisciplinary Team

Specialised data recovery engineers and technicians who are prepared to deal with all types of environments and hardware.

Let Us Show You It's Possible!

There is still hope for your lost data, our entire team is at your company's disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About HD Recover

There are many lies about data recovery. Companies that advertise recovery rates well over 90% may be using unsubstantiated or altered data in their research.

If the platers of a media are scratched by a head/write heads, the job of data recovery is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

In our research sources with over 22 years of experience, the percentage of cases where data can be recovered is approximately 80%. Do not believe in miracle machines or exceptional techniques, as they do not really exist.

Misguided attempts at data recovery procedures by unskilled people and companies are responsible for almost half of the unsolved cases on the market.

Repairing the hard drive is possible but not recommended. No repair will leave the hard drive in perfect condition, so it is not safe to store data on it.

Even manufacturers, when they receive damaged hard drives to exchange, within the factory warranty, do not repair them, they just send another new hard drive.

The best thing to do is to recover the data and migrate the information to a new hard drive. The cost may be higher, but the guarantee and security are incomparably greater.

It depends a lot on what is the situation that caused the data loss. Therefore, our initial diagnosis is free, after this diagnosis we can design the budget, and send it to the customer. If he accepts the proposal we proceed with the data recovery, if not, we return the HD.

The process begins with an initial diagnosis that shows us the extent of data loss and the chances of it being recovered. After this, with the client’s authorisation, we proceed with the recovery.

If it is a physical problem that caused the data loss, we open the hard drives in a specially designed Class 100 Clean Room and remove the hard drive and recover the data it contains.

In case of logical problems, our proprietary software is controlled by our experts for recovery.

Maybe these processes seem simple to you, but believe me, they are not. All these processes are delicate and require highly trained specialists with the most advanced software.

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