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Recover Database

We recover databases with operational failures, partition corruption, hardware problems or that have been encrypted by ransomware.

We work relentlessly in creating technologies and solutions to recover Database. Our technical staff consists of DBAs, programmers and partition system experts.

Databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, Maria DB and Firebird are recovered recurrently in our labs. Since 2001 we have been working on and creating solutions for the most complex database problems. Even in cases where the best DBAs (Database Administrator) in the market have used the full range of knowledge to try and solve the problem and failed there is still hope.

Databases are the backbone of any business. Both governments, financial institutions or small, medium and large businesses are completely dependent on their databases. The loss of a database can result in million-dollar losses and even bankruptcy of the company.

The technologies created by Digital Recovery to recover Database are capable of recovering the data even on unusual partitions like DBFS (Oracle DataBase File System) or HPFS (High Performance File System).  Irrespective of the type of DBMS (Database Management System) or DBMS (Data Base Management System) we have expertise to make a difference where data loss has occurred.

We are also familiar with storage environments with RAID Systems distributed on NAS, DAS or SAN Storages. Our long years of experience have added to our experience and the knowledge we need to help our clients through the most critical times in their businesses.

Even if you have already gone through the painful process of receiving a diagnosis with the impossibility of data recovery, we have full interest in analyzing your case and recovering the database.

Problems Causing Data Loss in the Database

The most common problems that cause data loss in DBMS are related to operational failures, partition corruption, hardware problems and cyber attacks. Therefore, the more attention is paid to prevention in maintenance, the less are the chances of the whole database crashes and outages.

When improper formatting or some kind of overwriting of data on a partition occurs, it is quite common to resort to a technique that allows data recovery with direct disk access called RAW mode data recovery. Although this process successfully recovers various types of files, it is limited to recovering database files. This is exactly where you separate the men from the boys.

RaW mode recoveries recover files in a purely sequential manner. That is, this technology allows you to recover files considering that they will be stored from the first to the last sector in a sequential and non-fragmented manner.

More than 22 years dedicated to the business of data recovery coupled with the tireless work between companies based in Brazil and Germany have allowed us to create a technology that has broken this limitation. Even if your database has thousands of fragments and the metadata (Partition file system information) is corrupted we take full interest in assessing your case and recovering your data. What once could take months with little chance of success, can now be resolved in a time that your business and your health will thank you for.

Unfortunately much of the DBMS data loss problems we receive are related to human error.

The pressure and stress environment in IT departments and data centres coupled with employee turnover are the prelude to disaster.

Invariably failures can occur in file storage systems that are partitions. Even though it is programmed to be exact mathematics, when it comes to computers, nines are not always zero.

Corruption of partitions can cause simple problems that the operating system itself can solve, and can also cause complex problems resulting in catastrophic data loss.

Reboot or sudden reset of servers with the Database files still running, causes the information that has been changed in the memory system not to be written to the Hard Disks or SSDs.

As data (bits and bytes) will always be stored on some form of hardware, whenever a problem occurs with the hardware the data will be impacted to some extent.

Hard disks, SSDs and Magnetic tapes are the media by which data and backups are stored.

These devices are subject to a number of factors that can directly influence their lifespan. Once the lifespan of a storage device is influenced the countdown to unexpected downtime begins.

Something that has started to take the sleep of part of IT managers is cyber attacks. The most common type of cyber attacks are Ransomware cases.

Normally these attacks are carried out by hackers who specialise in bypassing protection systems and breaking into computer networks.

Once inside the client’s network environment they locate the data servers and begin the process of encrypting and in some cases uploading this information.

Problems caused by deletion, corruption or loss of Logs;

Problems in Database with corrupted MDF Files;

Problems in Database due to operation failures resulting in deletion of data (tables, records or system objects);

Problems in I/O “error” in SQL Server;

Loss of Data caused by Backup failures.

Problems with “suspected” Mode in SQL Server.

Have You Received a Negative Diagnosis?

If your project had a negative diagnosis or the execution time does not meet your expectations, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

Why Choose Digital Recovery for Database Recovery?

Digital Recovery is a company specializing in any type of data loss. Systems on RAID, Storage NAS and SAN, Databases Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL and Firebird are our specialty. In case you have received the sad news of a negative diagnosis, we have full interest in analyzing your case.

We have developed software and hardware technologies that enable us to act with precision and agility in the processes of evaluation and recovery of data. The creation of these technologies have made Digital Recovery unique on several service fronts.

One of our technologies called Tracer is capable of automating numerous processes by analyzing millions of pieces of information, reducing the time it takes to perform services from several weeks to a few hours.

We are a 100% Brazilian company with a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Other partnerships for information exchange and technology sharing are made between companies that are in countries like United States, Russia and Ukraine.

If your data storage devices are somewhere in the world where we do not yet have a lab, we have technology to assess and recover your database remotely. If this is your case, please consult us.

If you need it we can also provide a confidentiality agreement (NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) in a language of your choice. Talk to one of our experts.

Free diagnosis

Free advanced diagnosis, with results within 24 working hours. Data Center subject to change.

Data Confidentiality

We use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty.

Online Tracking

You will receive real-time feedback during the entire process of performing the contracted services.

Remote Recovery

For those who need agility and practicality, as it is not necessary to send the media and pay for shipping.

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Data List and Double-Check

We release a 100% secure environment for the recovered data to be listed and effectively carry out a cheque with your IT department.

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Multidisciplinary Team

Specialised data recovery engineers and technicians who are prepared to deal with all types of environments and hardware.

Let Us Show You It's Possible!

There is still hope for your lost data, our entire team is at your company's disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recovering Storages

It is a programming language used by almost all relational databases for queries, manipulations and data definitions.

A database allows the storage of practically any type of data and this ends up reducing extra costs in infrastructure, optimising time in decision-making and speeding up daily processes.

We can name five main ones that we normally serve at Digital Recovery, they are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress

Note: Digital Recovery serves all types of databases, those mentioned above are the ones we usually receive for recovery, because they are known by various audiences and companies using this technology today.

It is the set of computer software programs that are responsible for managing a database.

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