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LTO (Linear Tape-Open) magnetic tapes are a popular data storage medium due to their high storage capacity, durability and low cost per GB compared to other storage options. However, as with any data storage medium, data loss can occur.

Data loss on LTO magnetic tapes can occur for a variety of reasons, including physical damage to the tape, write errors, external magnetic interference, aging of the tape, and natural wear and tear of the tape components.

One of the main causes of data loss on LTO magnetic tapes is the failure of the writing or reading equipment.

If the equipment is not working properly, the tape may not be written correctly or the data may not be read correctly, resulting in data loss.

Another common cause of data loss on LTO magnetic tapes is exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature and dust. Humidity can damage the magnetic surface of the tape, while high temperature can affect the physical integrity of the tape. Dust and other particles can accumulate on the tape surface and interfere with data reading and writing.

In all scenarios of data loss on LTO tapes Digital Recovery is used to perform, we have unique solutions, a solution that few companies in the world have.

Why Digital Recovery?

Digital Recovery specializes in LTO tape data recovery, with over two decades of experience, developing the necessary expertise to act in the most complex cases of data loss. We can recover virtually every generation of LTO.

Our solutions are customized to better adapt to the real needs of the client, for cases in which the recovery needs to be fast, we have developed the recovery in emergency mode, in this mode our laboratories operate with a 24×7 availability.

We have developed our solutions in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to offer more security and confidence to our customers. And to ensure the confidentiality of recovered files, we provide the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), if you prefer to use an NDA developed by your company we are willing to review it with our legal sector and accept it if necessary.

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What is the life of an LTO magnetic tape and how can it affect data loss?

The life of an LTO magnetic tape varies depending on model and frequency of use, but is generally 15 to 30 years. However, life can be reduced by factors such as improper storage, excessive use, or physical damage. As the tape ages, the read and write error rate can increase, which increases the risk of data loss.

How can LTO magnetic tapes be damaged during storage or use and how can this cause data loss?

LTO magnetic tapes can be damaged by various factors, such as humidity, high temperature, dust, direct sunlight and strong magnetic fields. Moisture can cause oxidation of the magnetic surface of the tape, while high temperature can cause the magnetic layer to peel off from the tape backing. Dust, direct sunlight and strong magnetic fields can interfere with reading and writing data. These factors can cause read and write errors, resulting in loss of data.

How to reduce the risk of data loss on LTO tapes?

To reduce the risk of data loss on LTO tapes, it is important to store them in a suitable environment, free from moisture and dust, with controlled temperature and humidity. In addition, it is important to perform regular backups and test tapes periodically to ensure that data can be successfully recovered.

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What you need to know

When it comes to cost effectiveness there is no doubt that tapes are the best choice for storing backups. Tapes were designed for this purpose and offer several years of durability, unlike hard drives.

Hard drives are composed of mechanical parts, which in turn are susceptible to failure and data loss. Not that magnetic tapes are immune to data loss, data loss can occur with tapes, but it is far rarer than with hard drives.

We can separate the connections into three, which are: Standalone, autoloaders and library.

  • Standalone – A single simple drive.
  • Autoloaders – Stores more than one cartridge and has an automatic loading mechanism with LTO drive.

Library – Stores multiple cartridges and more than one drive in various sizes and capacities.