QNAP NAS Attacked by Ransomware

QNAP NAS is a device developed by QNAP Systems, which is a Taiwanese corporation specializing in developing network attached storage devices such as NAS.

NAS can be directly connected to network users, in most cases a NAS consists of several hard drives organized as a RAID system. This type of device is perfect for businesses that have a high data flow.

Given these features provided by QNAP on their NAS devices, ransomware groups have focused the attention of their attacks on QNAP NAS. The groups that have been prominent with these attacks are QNAPCrypt and DeadBolt.

Ransomware is malware designed to encrypt all data stored on a system, thus blocking access to the files, and charging a high fee for the release of the decryption key.

To access the victim’s system the groups use numerous strategies such as: virus-containing websites, malicious emails, illicit programs, Phishing, brute force attacks, employee grooming, and perhaps most worryingly, using vulnerabilities in the QNAP NAS itself.

The DeadBolt ransomware claims to have found an hour 0 vulnerability, this name is given to vulnerabilities discovered that are unknown by its developers. And from the looks of it, this vulnerability is indeed real.

QNAP itself has published an alert about the attacks made by the group, instructing its users not to connect the NAS directly to the Internet but to a Firewall for the protection of the device.

DeadBolt is selling the information about this vulnerability on the Dark Web for 50 Bitcoins, if this vulnerability becomes known to other groups, ransomware attacks on QNAP NAS may increase sharply.

In case of successful ransomware attacks, all files and backups that are connected to the network will be encrypted, and the group will charge a high fee to decrypt the affected files.

Digital Recovery provides an option to paying the ransom, the recovery of data encrypted by ransomware. Through Digital Recovery’s solutions, files can be recovered and thus the company’s system restored. All this, without any kind of negotiation with the criminals.

Recover QNAP NAS Encrypted by Ransomware

Digital Recovery specializes in the recovery of NAS, DAS and SAN devices on any RAID level. And, we also specialize in the recovery of data encrypted by ransomware, so this range of expertise puts us at the forefront of QNAP NAS recovery.

With over 20 years of experience we have the know-how to act in the most critical scenarios of data loss by ransomware attacks.

We have developed our own technologies, all of which are unique, enabling us to act in cases that other companies cannot. We can recover encrypted data from virtually any storage device, such as: HDD, SSD, Storages (NAS, DAS, SAN), RAID systems, Database, Servers, Virtual Machines, and others.

Security is essential during the entire data recovery process, developed the confidentiality agreement (NDA) and make it available to all our customers.

Our portfolio includes remote recovery, which allows us to recover data anywhere in the world. And we offer emergency recovery for cases requiring fast recovery.

Talk to our experts and start diagnosing your QNAP NAS now.

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Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.