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Magnetic tapes are the safest and most reliable form of backup, and countless companies adopt this technology because they need secure and durable storage. The durability of LTO tapes, for example, exceeds 30 years. And because they are stored offline they are immune to cyber attacks. 

There are several companies that develop magnetic tape technologies such as: Sony, HP, FujiFilm, IBM, among others. Each model developed brings variations to adapt to the needs of each user.

Companies that choose to store their data on tape demonstrate great value to their data, so data loss cannot be an option.

Even though tapes are extremely secure, lack of access to data can occur due to numerous factors, which are: Incompatible drive, backup software, power failure, overwriting data, incomplete backup set, data portability, corrupted data, among others.

Why Digital Recovery?

One of our main specialties is data recovery from magnetic tapes; we have developed exclusive technologies for this purpose.  We have all the necessary tools for recovery, reading, transfer or any other service.

The technology to recover data on tape is extremely specific, to the point that few companies have it, Digital Recovery has developed a proprietary and unique technology that has put us at the forefront of the market.

We know the importance of data to a company, even more so data stored on tape, which is commonly used for backups that are essential to the company’s full operation.

For this reason, all our specialists are at your disposal, and in emergency recovery mode, our labs can operate 24×7 so that data can be recovered as quickly as possible.

We have a confidentiality agreement (NDA) that is offered to all clients.

From the first contact, the client is accompanied by one of our specialists until the end of the process and delivery of the recovered data.

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What is Tape Data Portability?

Portability is nothing more than the migration of data from an old tape to a tape with current technology. This service is done so that the data on the tapes is available, since reading tools for old tapes are rarer and more expensive.

In addition, newer magnetic tapes have a much higher storage capacity than older ones, which reduces the need for physical space to store the tapes.

What are the main causes of data loss on magnetic tapes?

The main causes are:

  • Malicious users
  • Incompatible drive
  • Backup software
  • Power outage
  • Data overwriting
  • Incomplete backup set
  • Data portability
  • Corrupted data

What precautions should be taken with magnetic tapes?

Some care must be taken to prolong the life of the tapes and protect the stored data, the care is:

  • Be stored in places with good air low humidity and low temperature;
  • Environment free of dust and corrosive gases;
  • Away from magnetic fields (motors, metal detectors, etc.);
  • Do periodic inspections and maintenance.

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What you need to know

When it comes to cost effectiveness there is no doubt that magnetic tapes are the best choice for storing backups. Tapes were designed for this purpose and offer several years of durability, unlike hard disks.

Hard disks are made up of mechanical parts, which in turn are susceptible to failure and data loss. Not that magnetic tapes are immune to data loss, data loss can occur with tapes, but it is much rarer than with hard drives.

We can separate the connections into three, which are: Standalone, autoloaders and library.

  • Standalone – A single simple drive.
  • Autoloaders – Stores more than one cartridge and has an automatic loading mechanism with LTO drive.

Library – Stores multiple cartridges and more than one drive in various sizes and capacities.