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Recover Magnetic Tape

We can recover LTO, DLT, SDT, DAT, AIT and other tapes.

Digital Recovery stands out today as one of the largest and best companies in recovering magnetic tapes on the national scene.

In our laboratory we have technicians specialized in tapes, whose exclusive focus is the constant development and improvement of methods and technologies for data recovery, thus being able to bring a unique differential in our service.

Our mission is to meet the real needs of each client, through data recovery in any type of problem; be it a physical, magnetic, or logical defect.

Performing data backups on magnetic tapes is a very common process in several companies and mainly in the public segment.

Magnetic Tape Recovery Services

We have developed exclusive technology for magnetic tape recovery, and have all the necessary tools for recovery, reading, transfer or any other service.

We know how important data is for a company, even more so for data stored on magnetic tapes, which are commonly used for backups that are essential for the company’s full operation.

For this reason, all our specialists are at your disposal, and in emergency recovery mode, our labs can work 24×7 to get your data back as quickly as possible.

Problems Causing Data Loss on Magnetic Tape

The natural wear and tear of the components and the magnetism of the tape, can negatively impact during a restore attempt.

Malicious users with access to the backup environment, who are often unmotivated employees and hurt by the company.

Several projects are tied to the need to recover data that is on a tape that the customer no longer has the drive to read properly.

On several occasions the customer needs to recover data from a tape that they no longer know the name of the backup software that originally recorded the data.

In some cases it causes data corruption, and can even result in physical damage to the tape reading hardware.

The backup that needs to be restored has been overwritten by another backup that was written to the same tape.

There are scenarios where a full backup needs two or more tapes to be stored properly. It happens that in many cases, one of the tapes has a problem that prevents access to other tapes, because there is a certain interdependence between them, thus preventing the restore of the data as a whole.

Sometimes it is necessary to convert the backup to a different device or even to a tape containing more current technology so that it is easier for IT staff to access.

It is a recurrent problem in older Magnetic Tapes, usually due to a failure in their internal structure, resulting from physical problems, stimulated by environmental factors.

Main Causes of Data Losses

Have You Received a Negative Diagnosis?

If your project had a negative diagnosis or the execution time does not meet your expectations, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

Why Choose Digital Recovery for Magnetic Tape Recovery?

Digital Recovery is a company specialized in all types of data loss. RAID systemsNAS and SAN Storage, Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL and Firebird Databases are our specialty. In case you have received the sad news of a negative diagnosis, we have total interest in analyzing your case.

We have developed software and hardware technologies that enable us to act with precision and agility in the data evaluation and recovery processes. The creation of these technologies has made Digital Recovery unique on several service fronts.

One of our technologies called Tracer is capable of automating numerous processes by analyzing millions of pieces of information, reducing the time to perform services from several weeks to a few hours.

We are a 100% Brazilian company with a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Other partnerships for information exchange and technology sharing are made between companies in countries such as the United States, Russia, and Ukraine.

If your data storage devices are somewhere in the world where we do not yet have a laboratory, we have the technology to assess and recover your database remotely. If this is the case for you, please consult us.

If you need it, we can also provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in a language of your choice. Talk to one of our experts.

Free diagnosis

Free advanced diagnosis, with results within 24 working hours. Data Center subject to change.

Data Confidentiality

We use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty.

Online Tracking

You will receive real-time feedback during the entire process of performing the contracted services.

Remote Recovery

For those who need agility and practicality, as it is not necessary to send the media and pay for shipping.

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Data List and Double-Check

We release a 100% secure environment for the recovered data to be listed and effectively carry out a cheque with your IT department.

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Multidisciplinary Team

Specialized data recovery engineers and technicians who are prepared to deal with all types of environments and hardware.

Let Us Show You It's Possible!

There is still hope for your lost data, our entire team is at your company's disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recovering Storages

Databases are collections of information that are linked together in such a way that the information makes sense for a particular task.

  • Data: These are raw generated sources that initially do not exert any kind of interaction for a given action to be taken.
  • Information: Consists in the grouping of data in a totally organized way that generates a real result for decision making, and this ends up generating a broad knowledge.

It is a programming language used by almost all relational databases for querying, manipulating and defining data.

A database allows the storage of practically any type of data and this ends up reducing extra infrastructure costs, optimizing time for decision making, and speeding up daily processes.

We can name five main ones that we normally serve at Digital Recovery, they are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress

Note: Digital Recovery serves all types of databases, those mentioned above are the ones we usually get for recovery, as they are known by several audiences and companies that use this technology nowadays.

It is the set of computer software programs that are responsible for managing a database.

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