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Sony Corporation is one of the world leaders in electronic technology and entertainment. One of its product lines is AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) magnetic tapes, a technology for storing data on magnetic tapes that offers high storage capacity and high data transfer speed.

The differentials of AIT tapes include the use of advanced read and write head technology, which enables high data storage density, and error correction mechanisms that ensure the integrity of the stored data. Another advantage is the robustness of the tape, which can withstand extreme temperatures and adverse storage conditions.

However, even with the advantages of the technology, AIT magnetic tapes are not immune to data loss. Like any other storage medium, AIT tapes can suffer physical damage, technical failures, and human error that lead to data loss.

One of the main reasons for data loss on AIT tapes is natural wear and tear over time. AIT magnetic tapes have a limited life span and can deteriorate over time, especially if stored in inappropriate conditions. Very high temperatures, humidity, and dust can damage the tape and affect the quality of the stored data.

In addition to natural wear and tear, AIT magnetic tapes can also suffer physical damage, such as cracking, kinking, and cutting. This damage can occur during handling of the tapes or during the process of writing or reading data. If the tape is damaged, the data stored in that area can become inaccessible or even unrecoverable.

Another factor that can lead to data loss on AIT tapes is malfunctioning read and write equipment. If the read head is misaligned or damaged, for example, it may not be able to properly read the data stored on the tape. In addition, failures in the backup software or human error during the data writing process can also cause data loss.

Finally, technological obsolescence can be a major factor in data loss on AIT tapes. Because the technology used to read AIT tapes can become obsolete over time, it can be difficult to find compatible equipment to read the data stored on the tape. Also, as AIT tapes are used less and less, it can be difficult to find companies that specialize in data recovery from magnetic tapes.

Why Digital Recovery?

Digital Recovery specializes in data recovery from many types of storage devices, including AIT tapes. We have a highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that data is recovered quickly and safely. Our customers can count on our experience and expertise to handle this type of technology.

We have the expertise in AIT magnetic tape data recovery techniques, including the ability to work with different tape formats and operating systems.

In addition, we use advanced diagnostic and data recovery tools, such as tape scanners, specialized software, and high-precision reading equipment.

We take stringent security measures to ensure the confidentiality of customer data throughout the recovery process, all guaranteed by our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We understand that data loss can cause significant losses to customers, so we work quickly and efficiently to minimize the impacts of data loss. For this reason, we created the emergency recovery mode, in which our labs operate with 24×7 availability.

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What are the main causes of data loss on AIT tapes?

The main causes of data loss on AIT magnetic tapes include mechanical failures, recording errors, degaussing, physical or chemical damage, hardware or software failures, and others.

How to prevent data loss on AIT tapes?

To prevent data loss on AIT magnetic tapes, it is important to store them in a safe place with proper humidity and temperature control, make regular backups, check the integrity of the tape before and after recording data, keep the equipment in good working order, and take security measures.

Is it possible to recover all lost data on an AIT magnetic tape?

It is not always possible to recover all lost data on an AIT magnetic tape, as the severity of the loss and the condition of the tape can affect the possibility of recovery. However, we have a good success rate at recovering data from AIT tapes.

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What you need to know

When it comes to cost effectiveness there is no doubt that magnetic tapes are the best choice for storing backups. Tapes were designed for this purpose and offer several years of durability, unlike hard disks.

Hard disks are made up of mechanical parts, which in turn are susceptible to failure and data loss. Not that magnetic tapes are immune to data loss, data loss can occur with tapes, but it is much rarer than with hard disks.

We can separate the connections into three, which are: Standalone, autoloaders and library.

  • Standalone – A single simple drive.
  • Autoloaders – Stores more than one cartridge and has an automatic loading mechanism with LTO drive.

Library – Stores multiple cartridges and more than one drive in various sizes and capacities.

Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.