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Recuperamos dados encriptados de uma empresa indiana que sofreu ataque do ransomware ARGS

🇮🇳 Indian hosting company attacked by ARGS ransomware

In early 2023 a group of hackers were noted for their multiple attacks aimed at encrypting data from small businesses around the world. This attack wave caused a lot of irreversible damage to many companies. Luckily, one of them sought help with Digital Recovery and allowed us to change the game. A small Indian hosting company suffered a devastating attack

Testemunho recuperação ransomware Hive

🇺🇸 Recovery of data encrypted by Hive ransomware

Recently, a large education systems company in the United States was hit by a wave of attacks from the Hive ransomware, which compromised more than 50 VMware virtual machines and encrypted thousands of files. The hackers demanded $750,000 as ransom. The attack brought the company’s operations to a standstill for two to four weeks, causing significant damage to its databases,

Ransomware HiveLeaks

🇺🇸 Decrypting HiveLeaks Ransomware is possible, here’s how!

We saved a US company from an attack by the HiveLeaks ransomware, one of the most active groups on the market. We tell you all about it now. It is becoming common to hear testimonials from companies that have had to close their doors because of ransomware attacks. Certainly, such an event can create traumas and complications for the smooth


🇮🇹 See how we recover files affected by .google ransomware

Digital Recovery develops unique solutions for decrypting ransomware files that can be applied to companies of all sizes. We can perform recovery from anywhere in the world via remote recovery. See how we helped an Italian company recover files encrypted by a ransomware attack.  Cybercriminals often carry out mass attacks on many companies simultaneously. This gives them a higher probability


Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.

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