Data portability on magnetic tapes

Data portability on magnetic tapes consists of migrating data stored on an old tape to a tape with current technology. Data portability is vital for data availability.

When data is stored on an old tape, access to the data can be difficult, because the tools for accessing it are extremely specific and if these tools are not available, the data will be inaccessible. Not only that, but the latest tapes have considerably increased storage capacity, so what used to be stored on several tapes can be stored on just one, making administration easier.

Let’s list the advantages of data portability for a newer magnetic tape.

  • Quickly available data – The availability of data quickly is vital for any company, as data is the backbone of an organization.
  • Data stored on current technologies – Over the years, technologies evolve to better adapt to customer use. Magnetic tapes have gone through this evolution, for example, LTO tapes are now 10 generations old, which is a clear evolution of their technologies. This evolution has led to increased security for stored data.
  • High traceability of information – With portability to newer technology, data mapping becomes easier.
  • Value of keeping tapes stored – The new generations of magnetic tapes have expanded storage capacity, considerably increasing the amount of memory available, which in itself drastically reduces the need for a large number of tapes, which require high amounts of money to store, and with the reduction in tapes used, there is also a reduction in storage costs.
  • Decentralized and less complex control – Reducing the number of tapes used makes control easier, as it simplifies the administration of backup tapes.
  • LGPD compliance – The General Data Protection Act regulates the way companies handle customer data. It requires companies to have easy access to data, i.e. companies need high availability of files, including backups. The new magnetic tape technologies offer this.
  • Replication of the environment – By reducing the number of tapes, the replication of stored data becomes simpler and faster.
  • Compliance – Reducing the number of tapes makes it easier to apply the company’s internal protocols.
  • Auditing – With the reduction of backup media, auditing becomes simpler and faster.

Digital Recovery specializes in tape data portability and tape data recovery. With over 25 years’ experience, we have developed unique technologies that enable us to solve highly complex cases.

Podemos efetuar a recuperação de dados em fitas que tenham sofrido danos físicos e cujos dados tenham sido corrompidos, formatados ou apagados. Estamos na vanguarda da recuperação de dados em fitas magnéticas de qualquer geração.

Recovering data from magnetic tapes is just one of our services. We can also recover data from databases, RAID systems, storage systems (NAS, DAS, SAN), servers, virtual machines and ransomware.

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