Recover Ransomware Escanor

Recover Ransomware Escanor

The Escanor ransomware is yet another of the numerous malware spread across the internet, Escanor seems to be part of the EscanorRAT group,

Pozq Ransomware: Recover Encrypted Data

Recover Pozq Ransomware

The Pozq ransomware was recently discovered after a sample submission on VirusTotal. After some analysis, evidence was highlighted that Pozq may have a relationship with the Djvu group.

Buybackdate Ransomware: Data Recovery

Recover Ransomware buybackdate

Buybackdate ransomware is the name of the newest extension that was discovered by cybersecurity researchers through VirusTotal. According to the experts, buybackdate belongs to the same ransomware family as ZEPPELIN.

Recover AROS Ransomware

Recover AROS Ransomware

Ransomware AROS is the name of malware that has been carrying out attacks by encrypting victims and charging ransom to give the files back.

Data Recovery: SchoolBoys Ransomware

Recover SchoolBoys Ransomware

The SchoolBoys ransomware was identified in recent weeks by cybersecurity researchers and is already drawing attention for its recent discovery to be linked to the same hacker group as the TommyLeaks ransomware.

Fargo3 Ransomware: Recover Encrypted Data

Recover Fargo3 Ransomware

Fargo ransomware is malware that encrypts a victim’s data, leaving it absolutely inaccessible.

Fargo belongs to the TargetCompany group, which started its activities around June 2021 with a ransomware called Mallox. This ransomware targeted organizations in Asia and refused to encrypt files from machines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Qatar.