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About Us

We've been innovating data recovery for over two decades

Digital Recovery was founded in April 1998 after an extensive period of loss and disruption caused by the Chernobyl virus (Win32/CIH). We are the result of a strategic partnership with a North American Data Recovery laboratory. In this partnership, we acquired technology and expertise that allowed us to position ourselves at the top of the Data Recovery market.

We currently develop exclusive technologies for data recovery for the most diverse storage devices, such as: HDSSDTapesStorageDatabasesRAID, NAS, SAN and others. There are specific hardware, software and tools, which we create and improve in our labs, to give us much more agility, practicality, and security to recover your data.

Over the years the company has had a great growth, as a result we opened branches all over the world. Thousands of companies such as: Dell, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Siemens, D-Link, Caterpillar, Scania, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, TOTVS, Santander Bank and many others around the world have already trusted their devices and information to be recovered by the Digital Recovery Group.

If your project had a negative diagnosis or it has an execution time that does not meet your expectations and you cannot wait that long, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

Have You Received a Negative Diagnosis?

If your project had a negative diagnosis or the execution time does not meet your expectations, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

Why Choose Digital Recovery?

Free diagnosis

Free advanced diagnosis, with results within 24 working hours. Data Center subject to change.

Data Confidentiality

We use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty.

Online Tracking

You will receive real-time feedback during the entire process of performing the contracted services.

Remote Recovery

For those who need agility and practicality, as it is not necessary to send the media and pay for shipping.

Prancheta 6

Data List and Double-Check

We release a 100% secure environment for the recovered data to be listed and effectively carry out a cheque with your IT department.

Prancheta 2

Multidisciplinary Team

Specialized data recovery engineers and technicians who are prepared to deal with all types of environments and hardware.

Let Us Show You It's Possible!

There is still hope for your lost data, our entire team is at your company's disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recovering Storages

Databases are collections of information that are related in a way that the information makes sense for a particular task.

  • Data: These are raw generated sources that initially do not exert any type of interaction for a given action.
  • Information: It consists of the grouping of data in a fully organised way that generates a real result for decision making, and this ends up generating ample knowledge.

It is a programming language used by almost all relational databases for data queries, manipulations and definitions.

A database allows the storage of any type of data and this ends up reducing extra costs in infrastructure, optimising decision-making time and streamlining daily processes.

We can mention five main ones that we normally serve in Digital Recovery, they are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress

Ps: Digital Recovery serves all types of databases, those mentioned above are the ones that we usually receive for recovery, as they are known by different audiences and companies that currently use this technology.

It is the set of computer software programs that are responsible for managing a database.

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