Backup encrypted by ransomware? We can recover BAK files

BAK files, commonly used as backup copies to protect critical data, have become prime targets for ransomware attacks, a pernicious form of malware that hijacks data and demands payment for its release. The encryption of BAK files by ransomware has serious implications for data security and the operations of individuals and organizations.

Using advanced phishing techniques, software vulnerabilities or social engineering, the criminals gain access to the victim’s system. Once inside, the ransomware identifies BAK files and encrypts them.

After encryption, a ransom message is displayed, often via pop-ups or ransom notes on the affected systems. They demand payment of a ransom in cryptocurrencies in exchange for the decryption key needed to recover the files.

BAK file loss can result in the inability to restore crucial systems or data. This can lead to significant interruptions in daily operations, causing financial losses and damaging the victim’s reputation.

In addition to the operational consequences, encrypting BAK files can expose sensitive information that was originally protected by backups. Exposure of this data can result in privacy violations and legal complications.

We have the technology to decrypt BAK files infected with ransomware.

Recover BAK Files

With more than 25 years’ experience, we have built up a solid base of satisfied customers all over the world. We can implement our solutions to recover ransomware remotely.

Our highly qualified specialists have access to the latest technologies on the market, including our proprietary TRACER technology. This technology has shown significant results in recovering files encrypted by ransomware.

We offer an advanced diagnosis to understand the extent of the attack. This initial diagnosis can be completed within the first 24 working hours. After this process, we offer a commercial agreement and, upon acceptance, begin the process of decrypting the encrypted BAK files.

All our solutions comply with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), providing total security for our clients. In addition, we provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) drawn up by our legal department. However, we are open to reviewing and accepting your NDA if you prefer to use one developed by your own company.

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