VIB files encrypted by ransomware can be recovered

VIB (Virtual Instrumentation Bean) files are crucial components in development and testing environments, commonly used in automation and monitoring systems. When these files are compromised by ransomware, the encryption puts the functionality and confidentiality of the stored data at risk.

Ransomware encryption of VIB files implies the irreversible transformation of data, making it inaccessible without the correct decryption key. This scenario creates substantial challenges for organizations and individual users, compromising operational continuity and the security of sensitive data. This can lead to losses, with the company’s activities coming to a standstill.

It’s important to take precautions to minimize the consequences of a ransomware attack, the main one being a constant backup routine. The best backup structure is 3x2x1, which is 3 copies, 2 online and 1 offline. The offline copy is the most important when it comes to ransomware attacks.

If the backup is not up to date or has been encrypted, the solution will be file decryption solutions offered by data recovery companies such as Digital Recovery. Payment of the ransom is not indicated, nor is contact with the criminals, payments fund new attacks or even the decryption key is not sent to the victim after payment.

Recover VIB files infected with ransomware

Decrypting VIB files is extremely delicate and requires in-depth knowledge of the encryption algorithms used by the group. This knowledge is developed over time.

Digital Recovery has been operating in the data recovery market for more than 25 years, and this year has given us the necessary experience to develop technologies capable of recovering ransomware on practically all storage devices.

We have achieved good results in decrypting the main active ransomware groups, helping our clients save thousands of dollars by not paying the ransom demanded by the criminals.

All processes have been developed on the basis of the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) in order to provide greater security for our clients. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is also made available to all our clients.

The decryption of VIB files can be carried out remotely, so the process time is drastically reduced.

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