Ransomware Wixawm

The Wixawm ransomware is one of a multitude of malware that has now emerged this year-end, and in the midst of this sea of new ransomware it showed itself with great strength and made one of the biggest attacks of December.

The group attacked the Spar market chain, which paralyzed more than 300 stores across England. The stores had all their IT paralyzed by the attack, some stores ran on a cash-only basis, but some had to close.

It is not known for sure what conditions the groups imposed for the release of the decryption key and the unlocking of the company’s network, but we can deduce from the size of the attack that the ransom is not very low, it could easily reach millions of dollars.

Holidays and weekends are commonly the peak days for ransomware attacks. The end-of-year festivities further confirm this maxim, as mentioned above, December is always marked with the emergence of more and more ransomware groups launching attacks to target large companies or networks such as Wixawm.

Recovering Files Encrypted by Ransomware Wixawm

Digital Recovery specializes in the recovery of data encrypted by ransomware of any variant or extension, we have developed technologies suitable for this. The main technology we have developed is called Tracer, it has good results in the recovery of encrypted files on HD, SSD, Database, Virtual Machines, RAID systems, Storages and others.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have already helped our customers save more than 100 million dollars by not paying the ransom demanded by criminals.

Our processes are customized for each client. In order to provide confidence to the client that no data about the attack will be disclosed, we provide a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

The labs, in emergency mode, work as a 24×7 availability for the fastest possible recovery. And as an option to further speed up the data recovery process, we can do it remotely, this option is viable for cases where the affected media cannot be sent to the lab. Contact our experts for terms and conditions.

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