Data recovery after Falls and Impacts

Accidental drops and impacts can result in data loss. Count on Digital Recovery to diagnose your device and recover as much data as possible.

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Recovering data after falls and impacts

We can recover data from any device that has been dropped or hit

Data loss due to falls and impacts is one of the most common reasons we receive in our laboratories. In order to recover, the device must be opened so that the parts can be serviced, if possible.

Storage devices can only be opened in laboratories specially prepared for opening them. We call this laboratory the Class 100 Clean Room. This room controls the particles in the air, and this control must be constant.

The device that suffers most when opened in an inappropriate place is the hard disk. This is because the magnetic disk is extremely sensitive and it is exactly where the data is recorded. So any touch to its surface can result in data loss.

The hard drive is the device that suffers the most data loss from drops and impacts. Although other devices such as pen drives, SSDs and memory cards also suffer from drops and impacts, they are more resistant.

The hard drive has mutually functioning mechanical parts that need to be perfectly aligned. Drops and impacts affect the alignment of the parts, putting the stored data at risk.

If the disk falls or receives an impact when it is turned off, due to a system that locks the read heads when the disks are turned off, the chances of it continuing to work are greater.

The biggest problem is when it falls while the hard disk is switched on. A simple touch of the read head on the disk, which is around 50 MB/s to 120 MB/s. There are even more powerful hard drives that spin even faster. A single scratch can cause the loss of countless files.

This does not rule out the possibility that other storage devices could also suffer data loss due to a fall or impact. Devices that use flash memory have been designed to be more resistant in this regard, but data loss is not impossible.

Digital Recovery can recover data on any device that has suffered data loss after a fall or impact.

Why Digital Recovery?

Digital has been operating in the data recovery market since 1998, during which time we have invested tirelessly in technologies that allow us to recover data in any case that has led to data loss.

We have the most sophisticated equipment on the market and have also developed our own data recovery technologies.

We have a Class 100 Clean Room, which allows the device to be opened without any damage being caused by particles in the air.

We are a Brazilian company with numerous successful cases, and we have become a benchmark in data recovery.

We provide all our clients with a confidentiality agreement (NDA) through which we guarantee that all recovered files will remain confidential.

With a 24×7 service, in emergency recovery mode, we can recover the device with maximum agility, with the first diagnosis within 24 working hours of delivery of the device.

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How do you proceed after your storage device has been dropped or hit?

Always pay attention to the signs that the device will show after the crash. When something is misaligned on the hard drive, it will produce a noise when it is being used.

In the case of other devices, you will only realize that data has been lost when you try to access the stored files.

In both cases, after identifying data loss or malfunction after a fall or impact. Isolate them immediately and don’t use them anymore. Not until it has been analyzed by a specialist.

If the device continues to be used after malfunctioning, the problems could be exacerbated and cause irreversible data loss.

What should I do if my storage device is making strange noises?

If your storage device is making strange noises, it is recommended that you stop using it immediately and take it to a data recovery professional. Strange noises can be a sign that the device is about to fail.

How long does it take to recover data from a storage device damaged by knocks and bumps?

The time it takes to recover data from a storage device damaged by knocks and bumps can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of device. In some cases, data recovery can take just a few hours, while in other cases it can take several days or weeks. We can only measure how long the process will take after the initial diagnosis.

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What you need to know

Yes, in many cases it is possible to recover data from a storage device that has been damaged by knocks and bumps. However, it is only possible to be certain about recovery after the initial diagnosis.

If your storage device is damaged by knocks and bumps, we recommend that you stop using it immediately and take it to one of our laboratories. Trying to recover the data yourself could cause further damage to the device.

The best way to prevent data loss from knocks and bumps is to keep your storage devices safe and secure at all times. This can include using protective cases for portable devices and avoiding moving devices with excessive force.

Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.