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Data Loss? We are specialists in data recovery: HD, RAID, Storage, Databases, Virtual Machines, Magnetic Tapes and Servers attacked by Ransomware.

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18,000 Recovered HD/SSD

7,000 Recovered Data Centers

3,000 Recovered Tapes

250 Cases of Ransomware Recovered

We are a Data Recovery Company

We've been innovating in data recovery for over two decades

Digital Recovery was founded in 1998, and since then we have held firmly to the belief that data recovery is possible in any data loss scenario, and the vision that it is always possible to advance in data recovery technologies. This vision has driven us to become experts in data recovery.

We developed our own technologies, and this has made us one of the leading experts in data recovery on HDs (Desktop, notebook and external), SSDs, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, TapesStorages (NAS, DAS, SAN)DatabasesRAIDRansomwareVirtual Machines, etc.

Technology, like time, cannot stop. Day by day it evolves and we evolve with it so that there is always a chance for data recovery.

We maintain strategic alliances with the largest manufacturers of data storage devices in the world, all to stay abreast of all the new technologies developed by them.

We stand out from other data recovery companies because there is in us the deep willingness and perseverance not to give up in the most chaotic and difficult scenarios.

Allow us to show that it is possible, and that with our help the lost data is not unreachable. We can get them back.

Count on our entire team of experts who are highly skilled and versed in the most diverse areas of data recovery, from the simplest storage systems to the most complex RAID systems.

Have You Received a Negative Diagnosis?

If your project had a negative diagnosis or the execution time does not meet your expectations, we accept the challenge of analysing your case.

How Can We help You?

Recover HD

Data recovery on Desktop HD, Notebook HD and External HD.

Recover SSD

Data recovery on Desktop SSD, Notebook SSD and External SSD.

Ransomware Recovery

Data recovery on files encrypted by Ransomware.

Recover RAID

Data recovery on RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, JBOD and more.

Recover Storage

Data recovery on Storage NAS, DAS and SAN, regardless of capacity.


Database Recovery on SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Maria DB, Firebird and more.

Virtual Machines

Data recovery in virtualised environments, VMDK, VDI, VHD, Hyper-V and more.

Magnetic Tapes

Data recovery on LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Magnetic Tapes, DAT, DDS, SDT, AIT.

Why Choose Digital Recovery To Recover Your Data?

We are an 100% International company with a branches all over the world. We have gained ground among the largest data recovery companies in the world.

We were able to bring the last hope to companies and individuals who have suffered a catastrophic loss of data, which could result in bankruptcies, layoffs, discredit in the corporate world, and many other consequences that are difficult to specify. Only those who have gone through the data loss know the financial and psychological consequences it causes.

We are used to acting in situations of extreme stress and demands. We are a safe haven for companies that are going through such a frightening situation.

With all our experience we can recover your data safely and quickly. We have a large team of highly qualified professionals, with exclusive software, we can also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all our customers so that there is confidence when working with us and during all the recovering data process.

With 24×7 availability we can diagnose your devices within 24 working hours, and in emergency cases we can recover them within 48 hours. To further speed up this process, we can do the recovery remotely.

All our professionals and technology are at your disposal.

Free diagnosis

Free advanced diagnosis, with results within 24 working hours. Data Center subject to change.

Data Confidentiality

We use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty.

Online Tracking

You will receive real-time feedback during the entire process of performing the contracted services.

Remote Recovery

For those who need agility and practicality, as it is not necessary to send the media and pay for shipping.

Prancheta 6

Data List and Double-Check

We release a 100% secure environment for the recovered data to be listed and effectively carry out a cheque with your IT department.

Prancheta 2

Multidisciplinary Team

Specialized data recovery engineers and technicians who are prepared to deal with all types of environments and hardware.

Let Us Show You It's Possible!

There is still hope for your lost data, our entire team is at your company's disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery

Data recovery starts with the initial diagnosis, during this process we can scale the extent of data loss and verify the paths we can take to start data recovery. After that we do the locating, repairing, rebuilding and recovering the data. All these processes need to be done by a trained professional, so that there is in fact complete data recovery.

In the event of data loss for mechanical reasons, the device will need to be opened and this can only be done in a Class 100 Clean Room, these rooms are designed for the ostensible control of dust particles in the air. The smallest particles can affect the device, directly affecting data recovery.

To learn more, talk to our experts, click here.

Choose a company that specializes in data recovery, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all recovered data. A company that has a large number of cases successfully resolved.

We also recommend that you do an online search on complaint channels. Find real customers talking about the service of the company in question.

We also recommend that you look for a company that does not charge for the initial diagnosis.

To learn more, talk to our experts, click here.

There are few cases where data recovery is not possible. What is done after data loss directly influences whether recovery is possible or not. We’ve set aside a few things you shouldn’t do after data loss:

  • Do not continue to use the device – If the device continues to be used after data loss, the lost data can be overwritten, making data recovery very difficult. Therefore, after identifying data loss, quickly turn off the device and refer it to a company that specialises in data recovery;
  • Do not use online data recovery programmes – These online programmes were created to do data recovery, which is obvious, but what is not obvious to people is that these programmes, if mishandled, can end up saving recovered data in places memory already occupied, this causes data overlap;
  • Do not open the device – Devices are extremely sensitive, so sensitive that airborne particles can affect them to the point of causing data loss. The problem can be aggravated by the simple fact that the device has been opened. They can only be opened in a special laboratory, known as a Class 100 Clean Room, these rooms have mechanisms that constantly filter the air so that the air is free of dust particles.

To learn more, talk to our experts, click here.

The time is very relative, it all depends on the extent of data loss. We’ve dealt with cases where recovery was done in less than 24 hours, but there are also others where recovery took many days. In the initial diagnosis we can project how long the recovery will take, this initial diagnosis is done within 24 working hours, it is completely free.

To learn more, talk to our experts, click here.

In remote recovery we access a notebook or computer that is connected to the equipment that has suffered data loss. With this access we can do the recovery, but you need a notebook that will be used exclusively for this, and a good internet connection.

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