Hades Ransomware

The Hades ransomware boasts at least seven attacks on large companies with revenues of over $1 billion on its resume. The group targets large companies in what is called “Big Game Hunters”, the hunt for big corporate data.

The group tailors the malware for each target company, all their attacks are specifically targeted at companies pre-selected by the group. This shows a deep organization in the attacks and the team, which completely takes away the possibility of the group acting with the affiliate program, RaaS.

What can be good on one hand, because the number of attacks are much smaller than they could be if there was a sale, on the other hand can be extremely dangerous skin group trying to raise as much money as possible with few attacks, making them surgical in their attacks.

The Hades attacks have shown a common path, the attack directed to the backups that are in the system, many groups have acted this way.

If the backups are encrypted by ransomware, the only options left are to pay a ransom, which can be exorbitant, or to look for a company specialised in recovering data encrypted by ransomware. The safer of the two is the data recovery company, as the decryption key is not always released after the ransom is paid.

Recover Files Encrypted by Hades Ransomware

With more than two decades of experience, Digital Recovery has developed unique technologies to recover data encrypted by ransomware on any storage device, whether HDDs, SSDs, Databases, Virtual Machines, Servers, Storages, RAID systems and any other.

We have developed unique processes that enable us to accept projects that other companies have turned down or have been unable to proceed with recovery.

All our processes have been developed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we also make the confidentiality agreement (NDA) available to all our clients.

In cases where sending the attacked media is not possible we can do the recovery remotely, which greatly speeds up the recovery process.

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