LolKek Ransomware

The LolKek ransomware is a variant of BitRansomware, a family that used the RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) tactic.

The RaaS tactic consists of selling the malware to agents outside the group that developed the ransomware, the ransomware is offered on dark web forums and interested parties can make the purchase.

The group has a stake in the ransom amount paid by the victim of the attack, the agent needs to follow the guidelines set by the group.

LolKek was developed to break into and attack the Windows operating system, attacks have been rising rapidly, this is the influence of the RaaS tactic.

After the LolKek ransomware invades the victim’s system, this through spam email campaigns, trojans and others, it quickly maps the files to encryption and disables the system’s defenses.

All affected files receive the extension “ .ReadMe ” all these files can no longer be opened, they can only be opened again with the help of the decryption key that is held by the group.

After the encryption is finished a text file is generated with the ransom terms, usually this file contains the group’s e-mail address for the victim to contact.

Government authorities do not recommend negotiating and paying the ransom, as these funds finance the group.

Today there are options to paying the ransomransomware encrypted data recovery, which is offered by Digital Recovery. This solution is completely secure.

Recover Files Encrypted by LolKek Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by LolKek Ransomware

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