Ransomware Axxes

The Axxes ransomware has focused its attacks on businesses; the group uses the tactic of double extortion, which consists of stealing sensitive files and blocking them through encryption.

After breaking into the victim’s system Axxes copies all stored files and sends them to a remote server controlled by the group, after which the original files are encrypted, thereby completely blocking access to the system.

All encrypted files are given the extension .axxes and can no longer be opened or altered, after which a file with the ransom terms is generated.

These files are the information for the victim to contact the group, this contact is made through the .TOR browser, the group charges very high amounts to release the decryption key.

There is no guarantee that the decryption key will be released after the ransom is paid, the hackers may be running a new scam. Therefore, never negotiate with criminals, always seek solutions that do not come from criminals.

Recover files encrypted by Axxes ransomware

Digital Recovery specializes in recovering data encrypted by ransomware, offering unique solutions to counter the demands of criminals.

For over 23 years we have been developing unique technologies for data recovery, we can recover data on Databases, Servers, Virtual Machines, Storages, RAID Systems and others.

We have focused our efforts on perfecting our technologies and applying them to recover files encrypted by ransomware.

We can apply all our solutions remotely, we can recover data from any company in the world quickly and in a totally secure virtual environment.

We provide our customers with a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

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Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.