Prestige Ransomware

Prestige Ransomware is malware that encrypts files from an environment and makes them inaccessible to the user.

It has been active for the past few months and has harmed many businesses with its ransomware attacks.

Cybercriminals operating with Prestige ransomware usually break into the environment with particularly common means.

The invasion of the environment occurs through e-mails, Trojans, fake software updates, untrusted websites to obtain files and programs, and also fake pirated software installers.

The invasion of the environment occurs through e-mails, Trojans, fake software updates, untrusted websites to obtain files and programs, and also fake pirated software installers.

Once in the environment, the operator needs to obtain the credentials before starting the encryption of the system data. After stealing the access credentials, the operators launch the Prestige ransomware for execution.

Files cannot be encrypted by this ransomware without administrator rights. The Windows MSSQL service must be stopped for Prestige to effectively encrypt the data.

The data encryption phase then begins. After scanning the victim’s environment, the Prestige sets its sights on the files it considers important. Soon the encryption process begins.

The infected files will have their names changed, gaining the extension “.enc” and a ransom note is also generated in the environment.

The victim can then use the information in this document to contact the evildoers and pay the ransom in exchange for the decryption software.

Recovering files encrypted by Prestige ransomware

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