Ransomware Monster

The Monster ransomware was discovered in early 2022 as they led a string of attacks targeting several companies around the world. This ransomware brought some news to the cyber world. New developments that have influenced several other ransomware after it.

One of them is for sure the use of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in its ransomware, making it more and more accessible for attackers and more dangerous for the victim companies. Knowing that about 80% of attacks occur due to human error (employees), this novelty ends up having a major impact during attacks.

Cybercriminals often use cross-platform languages that can adapt to various operating systems without the need to change the source code. We can say that groups like Hive and BlackCat were pioneers in this practice

However, during the analysis of a sample of the Monster ransomware, something caught the experts’ attention. Monster does not use a cross-platform programming language like Rust or Golang, but uses a simple programming language for joint attacks.

This means that cybercriminals have learned to adjust their malicious code so the malware can adapt and be efficient on any operating system. And that is quite worrying.

The Monster ransomware is written in the Delphi programming language and has the ability to run in simultaneous attacks. But its great distinguishing feature is the use of a GUI interface. Experts claim they have never seen this before.

Monster was probably the first group of cybercriminals to implement this feature. Since the Monster ransomware began operating, it has already become the inspiration for new ransomware.

With these worrying updates, it is essential that a company knows who to count on when any ransomware attacks appear on its computer system.

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