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Many of our customers ask if the disk can be repaired. We are somewhat conservative about this. Sometimes it is even possible to repair a hard disk, but we don’t do this work and we don’t recommend repairing hard disks that have broken down. Even manufacturers don’t usually repair hard disks. When a disk goes bad and is sent to the manufacturer’s warranty, it is discarded and a new disk is sent to the customer. In other words, not even manufacturers repair hard disks. If it’s no longer completely safe to entrust data to a new hard drive, it’s much less safe to entrust data to a repaired hard drive. In these cases, it can be much cheaper to buy a new hard drive than to lose the information and eventually have to hire a service that specializes in recovering data again.

Although there are brands of hard disk that give fewer problems than others, bear in mind that in a moment of data loss, the best hard disk will always be the one that is working and has your backups recorded on it. We don’t repair hard disks! They are subjected to a process of manipulating disks and read heads with the sole aim of extracting data.

The main defects are:

  • The hard disk won’t turn on because the logic board is burnt out;
  • The hard disk loses its partition table and data cannot be accessed;
  • The so-called Bad Blocks: physical defects on the magnetic surface of the hard disk drive platters, caused by the impact of dust particles or media wear;
  • Problems with the hard disk drive motor, making it impossible for the platters to rotate and the data to be read by the read heads;
  • Reading head knocking: Usually caused by dropping, burning or breaking;
  • Firmware problems: Firmware are programs responsible for controlling the read heads. In other words, it’s the hardware’s software. If the hardware has a software problem, it simply won’t work;
  • The computer’s BIOS doesn’t recognize the hard drive: It could be any of the above defects;

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