Stepik Ransomware

Stepik ransomware is highly dangerous, its attacks have produced damage around the world. Stepik uses strong AES and RSA encryption.

The files encrypted by it can only be accessed with the matrix decryption key, which is kept by the groups on a remote server, for each attack there is a specific key.

The main means of attacks used by the group are spam email campaigns, malicious advertisements, pirated or cracked software, fraudulent software updates and others. These are just the main means of attack, the group may use others.

Stepik ransomware targets devices with large amounts of stored data, such as Servers, Databases, Storages, RAID Systems, Virtual Machines and others.

Files encrypted by the ransomware are assigned the extension .stepik, these files become inaccessible. After the encryption is completed a file is created with the ransom terms, this file is named “RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt”.

This file contains e-mails for the victim to contact the criminals, the commonly used e-mails are ‘[email protected] and [email protected]’.

Recover Files Encrypted by Stepik Ransomware

Digital Recovery is specialized in the recovery of data encrypted by ransomware, in any storage device, whether HDs, SSD, Database, Servers, Virtual Machines, Storages, RAID Systems and others.

Our solutions are unique, we can recover the data even without the decryption key, we do not negotiate with Hackers.

All our processes were developed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so that there is total security for our customers.

With over 23 years of experience, we have developed unique technologies, we are at the forefront of encrypted data recovery. We can recover data remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Confidentiality of case information is guaranteed by the confidentiality agreement (NDA) we have with all our clients.

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