Redkrypt ransomware

The RedKrypt ransomware has been active in recent days carrying out ransomware attacks. Researchers detected it by analyzing samples submitted to VirusTotal, an attack reporting platform.

Apparently fresh, it has been wreaking havoc on systems of businesses and individuals within days. RedKrypt ransomware can encrypt files of various types, making them inaccessible to the user.

Cybercriminals who carry out this type of attack usually use the same means of breaking into the victim’s system. Most of the time they send e-mails containing links or malicious programs.

By opening or executing the content of the email, the victim is actually initiating the encryption process of his or her own files. Redkrypt has features that attempt to stop any system security actions.

Once with the environment cleared, the Redkrypt ransomware then begins to encrypt the valuable files. It then generates a text file called ”RedKrypt-Notes-README.txt.”

The hacker group responsible for the attack states in this file that the data is encrypted by RedKrypt and that they are the only ones with the decryption software needed to recover the data.

However, there are other ways of recovery.

Recover files encrypted by Redkrypt ransomware

Now, fortunately, there are other ways to restore data that has been encrypted by RedKrypt ransomware.

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