Quantum Ransomware

Quantum Ransomware is one of the newer malware in activity, there are already some reports of attacks done by it. A bit different from the other ransomware, it doesn’t just encrypt data, it also installs an AZORult which is a Trojan horse that aims to steal user’s passwords and credentials, this is an extra headache for the victim, but the main target of Quantum ransomware is not that, the main target is encryption and file theft.

The main tactics used by this group to break into the system are the spam email campaigns and the trojan. The email campaign is the most used by ransomware groups, but the use of the Trojan is almost exclusively of the Quantum ransomware, few groups use this tactic.

It consists of creating a mask of a legitimate program for the victim to download and install the program, which is actually the ransomware itself, this tactic relies solely on the user’s inattention when downloading programs. This shows how groups are constantly advancing their attack tactics.

Because Quantum ransomware is so new there is still little evidence of how they act after encryption, but it is possible they will follow suit with double extortion.

This tactic consists of blocking the operation of companies by encrypting the data and leaking the data if the ransom is not paid; the groups maintain sites on the dark web for this purpose.

Quantum Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Quantum Ransomware

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