Azov Ransomware

Azov Ransomware is a new destructive wiper extension that appeared in the month of October 2022. A peculiarity of this ransomware is that it is not an extortion operation as it does not charge ransoms, in fact, it only encrypts the victims’ data.

Azov is distributed via malware known as SmokeLoader, which infects machines via contaminated e-mails and advertisements. When the SmokeLoader file is executed, it carries with it the Azov ransomware and also another extension called STOP ransomware.

After encryption, all files are given the extension “.azov”(except .ini, .dll and .exe files) and a ransom note called “RESTORE_FILES.txt” is added to all folders on the device, containing the text fixed at the top of the page.

In short, the creator claims to be a famous security researcher in the field of malware and links to BleepingComputer and affiliated agents as a contact for recovery.

However in an official statement on Bleeping’s website, they dispute this saying that the information is false and that they have no solution.

The statement also shows that the creators support Ukraine in the current war, which points to the origin of the name of this extension, which is the same as the name of the Ukrainian National Guard unit (Azov).

Recover files encrypted by Azov ransomware

Even without contacting the hackers of this extension, Digital Recovery is willing to try to recover your data.

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