Pipikaki Ransomware​

The Pipikaki ransomware has rocked forums across the internet with reports from numerous victims looking for solutions to the group’s encryption. Pipikaki has developed a powerful encryption algorithm, and not only that, the group uses tactics to break into a victim’s system ranging from brute force attacks to spam email campaigns.

After invading the victim’s system, the ransomware disables the system’s defenses and begins mapping the stored files, this can last for a while, during this time the malware is hidden on the system, after mapping the files the encryption begins, and quickly all files are affected.

Encrypted files are given an extension to their name, which is the victim’s id plus the group name, for example 1.jpg.[ID].@pipikaki.

Files that receive this extension cannot be opened or altered, any changes can completely corrupt the file in question.

After the encryption process is completed, a file named “WE CAN RECOVER YOUR DATA.txt”  is generated and placed on the desktop. It contains information so that the victim can contact the group and pay the ransom, usually in cryptocurrencies.

The group uses numerous threats to persuade the victim to pay the ransom and recover the files, but there is no guarantee that the files will be restored after the ransom is paid.

There is a solution to recover the encrypted files that does not require the decryption key, this solution is offered by Digital Recovery, which is capable of recovering the data encrypted by Pipikaki ransomware.

Recover files encrypted by Pipikaki ransomware

Digital Recovery has been operating in the data recovery market for over 23 years, and has created unique solutions to recover files encrypted by ransomware.

Our solutions allow us to recover files encrypted in databases, servers, storages, RAID systems, virtual machines and others.

These solutions can also be executed remotely, and can be applied to any company in the world quickly and safely.

Our experts have developed our solutions and all of them are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Confidentiality is vital for any company that has suffered a hacker attack, knowing this we have developed the confidentiality agreement (NDA) that we offer to all our clients.

We can start the recovery process right now, contact us and request an advanced diagnosis, so we can start the data recovery process.

Digital Recovery helps businesses recover data

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Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.