Mindware Ransomware

The Mindware ransomware is one of the newest groups in evidence, it is unclear whether it is actually a new group or an old group with a new name. The group was first spotted in March of this year, and has already boasted numerous victims on its leak site.

In May, the group ranked fifth among the ransomware groups with the most attacks,  this is a clear indication that the group is structured and ready to make numerous attacks.

The group uses the double extortion tactic, this tactic involves copying the victim’s files and sending the copies to a remote server, the original files are encrypted. The ransom charged is not only to decrypt the files, but also to keep the stolen files from being leaked on the internet.

Major ransomware groups use this tactic to pressure victims into paying the ransom, even if there is a risk that the group will not release the decryption key, the victim is at the mercy of the criminals.

There is still little information about Mindware, the group appears to be strong, but we at Digital Recovery can recover files encrypted by ransomware even without the decryption key.

Recover files encrypted by Mindware ransomware

We have over 23 years of experience in the data recovery market,  we have developed exclusive technologies for this purpose. Our solutions are able to recover encrypted files in Database, Storages, RAID Systems, Servers, Virtual Machines and others.

Our solutions do not depend on the criminals’ decryption key, we do not negotiate with hackers, we have already helped hundreds of customers to save millions of dollars by not paying the ransom.

All our solutions can be applied remotely anywhere in the world in a fully secure environment, we have taken care to develop our solutions based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have developed our confidentiality agreement (NDA) to give full assurance to our clients that no information about the case will be disclosed.

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