Hard Disk and External Hard Drive Recovery

In a highly digitised age like the one we live in, data storage and retrieval have become crucial components of our daily lives. Practically all of our digital information is stored on storage devices. To measure this, just try to remember how much basic information you don’t know by heart, such as: document numbers, addresses, contacts, etc.

Today, information is so accessible that we have become accustomed to no longer storing so much information in our own memory, but entrusting it to devices. This practicality can come at a high price – the inaccessibility of information due to data loss.

The field of data storage is very broad, so we’re going to focus on data loss on a few specific devices, internal hard drives and external hard drives.

A common problem faced by many users is data loss due to damaged hard drives or external hard drive failures. The good news is that there are efficient methods for recovering data from damaged external hard drives and performing successful hard drive recovery.

The Challenge of Data Loss

If you’ve ever felt the anguish of losing important files due to a faulty hard drive or a damaged external hard drive, know that you’re not alone, countless others have experienced the same situation. External drive data recovery is a common need and there are solutions available to help you recover your precious data.

There are several reasons for losing data on hard discs, the most common of which are:

  • Mechanical failures
  • Logical faults
  • Cyber attacks
  • Problems with liquids or fire

It is vital to understand the underlying causes that can lead to the need for hard drive recovery. They can range from mechanical failures, damage caused by liquids or high temperatures, to malware or virus attacks. Knowing about these problems can help prevent and prepare for eventual recoveries.

Recover data from an external hard drive
Data recovery

Effective hard drive recovery strategies

Hard drive recovery is not a simple process. It requires technical expertise, patience and the right tools. The safest and most suitable solution for recovering your hard drive in a secure manner are companies that specialise in data recovery.

Digital Recovery stands out among hard drive data recovery companies, whether external or internal, for its ability to develop exclusive and highly advanced technologies.

The company specialises in highly complex cases, but also offers solutions for simple ones. In the vast majority of cases, hard drive recovery is possible, as there are few scenarios in which recovery is not possible.

Prevention is a fundamental part

The following are some recommended strategies for preventing data loss on hard drives or external hard drives, for individuals and corporations:

  • Regular Backups: It’s vital to have a robust backup plan in place. Perform regular backups of your important data on external hard drives, network drives or cloud storage services. Use automated backup software to ensure that backups occur on a regular schedule.
  • Malware protection: Install and keep up-to-date reliable antivirus software to protect against malware, which can corrupt or delete data.
  • Hardware Maintenance: Perform preventive maintenance on your hard drives to identify and correct problems before they lead to catastrophic failures. Consider using Solid State Drives (SSDs) which are less prone to mechanical failure.
  • Education and Training: Educate and, if applicable, train your team on best data management practices and the risks associated with data loss.
  • Encryption and Security: Encrypt sensitive data to protect against unauthorised access, and use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to guarantee data security.
  • Software updates: Keep your operating system and other important software up to date to ensure that known vulnerabilities are corrected.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: Monitor access to and use of data to identify suspicious or unauthorised activity that could indicate a risk of data loss.
  • Using Diagnostic Tools: Use hard disc diagnostic tools to monitor disc health and predict possible failures.
  • Physical Protection: Protect hard drives and external HDDs from physical damage, such as being dropped or exposed to adverse elements, by storing them in safe places and using protective cases.
  • Secure Disposal: When disposing of or recycling hard drives and external HDDs, ensure that the data is securely erased to prevent unauthorised recovery.

These measures, when implemented effectively, can significantly minimise the risk of data loss, thus guaranteeing data integrity and availability.


Finally, data plays a vital role in our lives today, so recovery has also gained a foothold. That’s why knowledge of how to recover hard drives is of the utmost importance. But we know that recovery only applies to the last consequences and that no one would want to reach them. To avoid it, it’s important that you take care of your device and create backup routines so that you’re not caught unawares.

But even if data is lost, you can count on Digital Recovery to recover hard drives and external hard drives.

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