🇦🇷 Ransomware attack on one of the largest river logistics companies in Latin America

One of the largest River Logistics companies in Latin America contacted us to decrypt files following an attack by Quantum Ransomware.

There has been a wave of attacks by the Quantum group targeting several different companies. Small, medium and large companies have been targeted. In this case a large Fluvial logistics company in Argentina was the victim.

The hackers probably found a loophole in the system through emails sent to employees. Once the malware was inserted within the environment, the criminals managed to encrypt the data with the Quantum extension. They then stipulated a figure of $100,000 for the ransom.

Paying the amount requested by the hackers was not an option. It had been two weeks since the day of the attack.

After trying to recover in a few ways, the company became aware of the situation and decided to look for an external alternative to the problem. After some time of searching they found us and decided to contact us by phone.

After the first contact with our team, we identify the main points of the project and consequently carry out advanced diagnosis.

A quantity of 15 virtual machines on Hyper-V and the entire backup server (Veeam) had been infected, causing for 2 weeks, the paralysis of all administrative and operational processes of the company, mainly in the HR and financial sector.  

The result of the diagnostics carried out gave us an optimistic view on the project, there was a possibility of decrypting the files, and our experts were able to do this. 

With the client’s authorisation, we then began the recovery process. Even with the accepted commercial proposal, the client seemed suspicious, which can be understood given the large volume of data involved in the project.

To bring confidence to the client, we did what we usually do in our projects, we established a series of checkpoints that were communicated to inform in real time about every progress in the project. Things organised in this way eased the client’s fears and trepidation.

The recovery went as planned and our team was able to decrypt 100% of the files encrypted by the ransomware. In total, we recovered data from 15 virtual machines and restored the Veeam backup present in the environment.

The client was able to resume its activities quickly after our intervention. Without the support of our specialists, one of the largest river logistics companies in Latin America would have its image completely tarnished. Not to mention the repercussions from its own clients due to the loss of confidential data.

Negotiating with hackers is negotiating with criminals. Digital Recovery specialises in decrypting ransomware files, without negotiating with hackers. We helped a large company experience a turnaround, we can help you too.

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