Dell Server, what is it and what is it for?

Dell Servers are used in countless companies around the world. Dell is a computing giant, if you have come this far it is because you already know or have heard about it.

Servers are also computers, however they are much more agile and unique for corporate use than a regular computer.

Its use is dedicated to companies, no matter their size, even because the values are very high.

Servers connect all computers or desktops as just one local network, providing all company programs and data to employees.

All computers in the company will be connected to the servers, all information and data is stored on it. The computers can be connected to the server by cables or by a Wi-Fi network.

The server can be accessed from anywhere by the company’s IT technicians, speeding up the sharing of information.

Thus, within the local network, each department will be able to access the data specific to its sector, without compromising the data of other areas.

It can grant restricted access as long as it is configured by the administrator, taking into account the scale of privileges that does not compromise the entire environment.

What are the benefits and harms of servers?

Even though servers make a company’s workflow much easier, it has its problems, like everything else in life.

There are a few risks you need to be aware of if you are thinking about implementing servers in your company.

When it comes to privilege escalation, if it is set up wrong, giving access to a person who should not have it, everything can be compromised.

It even allows a hacker to fraudulently break into the system, install ransomware on the system and carry out a cybercrime.

All the information in one place.

This may sound crazy, but this is both a benefit and a harm.

Because all the information is in one place, any incident can put all your data at risk from problems such as floods, fires and the like.

The best precaution in this case is to regularly back up data to the cloud, this will ensure the security and accessibility of your information.

This is also a benefit and a disadvantage. Benefit, because if the server has a problem it is not necessary to wait for the technician to arrive at the company to solve it, from anywhere he can do it. Harm, because the server is more at risk of being invaded by hackers.

Technical failures

If any failure happens on the server all the data and the work of the company will be affected, it is that famous phrase “the system crashed” or “we suffered a data loss”.

This is a serious problem, which will require a high financial investment from the company to recover the data from this type of failure.

Data Loss on Dell Server.

There are many causes that lead to data loss. And, this is one of the worst scenarios for a company. All the information contained on the servers is of paramount importance.

Dell servers are not free from this problem, although there are several safeguards to prevent data loss, neither can they ensure the security of your data completely.

And if this happens, you need to have a company to assist you in data recovery. Digital Recovery is a company specialized in data recovery, we have a whole team of professionals available 24×7.

In case of data loss please contact us.

What to consider before implementing Dell Servers.

You may be thinking now if it is worth investing in these servers, my answer is yes.

But be aware that it will require a large financial investment from you, not just with the device itself. You will need to invest in quality technicians to support your company.

All this will require a financial investment from your company, and that will not be cheap.


The use of servers in your company is more than recommended. Although it has some points that need more care.

It will help your company’s data flow and information management.

Always make backups to cloud storage, Dell itself has this storage service available.

Dell servers are an option for your business.

Digital Recovery helps companies recover data

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