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Ransomware attacks on servers have become a growing threat, compromising the security of critical data and business operations. This article explores the nuances of file encryption by ransomware and solutions for decrypting servers.

Ransomware is an advanced form of malware that encrypts a server’s files, preventing legitimate access to the data. Cybercriminals then demand a ransom to provide the decryption key, threatening the integrity of sensitive data.

Servers, as the core of business operations, are primary targets for ransomware attacks. The paralysis of operations, loss of essential data and reputational damage are some of the devastating consequences of these attacks. Ransomware uses advanced encryption algorithms to make files inaccessible.

Ransomware usually enters servers via phishing emails, compromised websites or unpatched security vulnerabilities. Once infiltrated, the malware seeks to spread and gain privileged access.

After infection, the ransomware carries out an analysis of the server environment, identifying high-value files and critical directory structures. This is done to maximize the impact of the attack and increase the likelihood of paying the ransom.

A unique encryption key is generated, often using advanced encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). This key is used to encrypt the selected files.

With the key generated, the ransomware begins the encryption process, transforming the file data into an unreadable and unintelligible form.

Once the encryption process has been completed, a ransom message is displayed to the user or server administrator, informing them that access to the files will only be restored upon payment of a ransom. This message often includes detailed instructions on how to make the payment in cryptocurrencies.

Cybercriminals often use pressure tactics, such as time limits and threats to permanently delete files, to encourage victims to pay the ransom. However, there is no guarantee that payment will result in full data recovery.

In cases of ransomware infection on servers, the help of a data recovery company is necessary, a company capable of decrypting files on servers. This process is extremely delicate and requires extensive knowledge of both the server structures and the encryption used by the ransomware.

Digital Recovery has been operating in the data recovery market for over 25 years and is now one of the leading companies in the field of decrypting files affected by ransomware.

Why choose Digital Recovery to decrypt server files?

As mentioned earlier, large corporate servers have been constant targets of ransomware attacks, attacks carried out by highly coordinated groups in possession of sophisticated technologies. This ability on the part of cybercriminals to develop increasingly sophisticated ransomware aims to counter protection systems and firewalls and not only that, but also to restore data without the decryption key.

In view of this, Digital Recovery’s main objective is to develop technologies that enable it to decrypt files on servers even without the decryption key.

The solutions developed by our experts can be applied in highly complex cases of data loss due to ransomware attacks. We can decrypt files on servers, RAID systems, storage (NAS, DAS or SAN), databases, virtual machines, among others.

The entire server decryption process was developed on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so every part of the decryption process is secure.

We provide all our clients with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to contractually guarantee the confidentiality of their data.

We know that a server encrypted by ransomware is an extremely delicate case and requires speed in decrypting the files, which is why we have developed the emergency recovery mode. In this mode, our laboratories operate with 24×7 availability, so the process of decrypting files on the server can be carried out quickly. In addition, our solutions can be executed remotely.

If you have any further questions, please contact our experts to find out how we can decrypt server files.

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