Author: Isaias Sardinha
Recover Tape

What Is Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape has been used to store data for many years. In the past, it was often used to store photos, videos, and music, but nowadays it is widely used to store backup copies due to its very high security and durability. Magnetic tapes are made from different types of materials, including metal, plastic, polymer, and lubricants. They have a

Banco de Dados

What is a Database?

Database technology is the process of storing, organizing, and managing information. They are a computer system that allows data to be stored in a variety of formats, including text, image, audio, and video. Database projects can involve many types of information: from simple spreadsheets to more complex databases with millions of records. What is the structure of a database? Table:

Amazenamento de dados
Data Storage

The Real Size of a Yottabyte

After Edward Snowden made the accusation that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on companies around the world, including Petrobras in Brazil, several reports from various places around the world, including Brazil, targeted the US agency. To understand better see this Fantástico report published on 15/09/2013. As shown in the above report, the United States National Security Agency


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