Ransomware Black Basta

Black Basta ransomware is the newest ransomware group targeting large corporations, the group emerged in April, and has already left at least 12 known victims.

Black Basta acts with the tactic of double extortion. Before encrypting the files, the group copies them and sends them to a remote server. This tactic is extremely damaging to the victims, because not only are they pressured to pay the ransom to decrypt the files, but they are also threatened with the leak of the data.

The group maintains two sites to expose their victims’ files, the Black Basta Blog and the Basta News Tor. There is still little information about the group, it appears that it is a closed group that does not operate with RaaS (Ransomware a as Service) tactics.

After taking control of the victim’s system and encrypting the files, the group changes the wallpaper to display the following message: “Your network is encrypted by the Black Basta group. Instructions in the readme.txt file.” In all encrypted folders the readme.txt file is left. It is added to all files inscribed with the extension .basta.

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