Ransomware BianLian

BianLian ransomware is intended to encrypt data and demand a ransom in exchange for the release of the decryption key. Due to the importance of the data, many victims, be it a business or an individual, end up giving in and paying the requested ransom.

Infection with a dangerous virus, such as the BianLian ransomware, can cause severe damage to a computer system and its network components. When a device is infected and is connected to a network, the virus can spread to other devices on the same network.

Cybercriminals usually use the same means of infection on the victims’ systems. Among them we can see, email campaigns, use of trojans and through file transfer protocols such as RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) itself.

Once the environment is hacked, the evildoers launch the BianLian ransomware that will do the job of encrypting the data. All encrypted files are given the .Bianlian extension, making them impossible to access.

BianLian also takes care of generating a ransom note, in which the victim will find some information necessary for the recovery of his data, such as the name of the virus that attacked him, the email address to contact the group responsible for the attack, and the amount of the ransom requested.

If the encrypted data is considered important, the victim is faced with a crucial decision, to pay the ransom and finance future attacks besides running the risk of still not recovering her data or trusting qualified professionals to recover the encrypted data.

Recover files encrypted by BianLian ransomware

The recovery of encrypted data has become our daily mission. Digital Recovery has been helping companies resume their activities after such an impactful event as a ransomware attack.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, called Tracer, we can recover encrypted data from almost any storage device, such as servers, virtual machines, databases, RAID systems, and others.

We attach great importance to security and confidentiality when dealing with our customers’ data. This is why we provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Tracer’s technology allows us to perform recovery completely remotely in most cases. The geographical location of a company will not be a limit for us.

Your data has been encrypted, but it is not yet lost. Contact our experts and recover your company’s data.

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Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.