AROS ransomware

Ransomware AROS is the name of malware that has been carrying out attacks by encrypting victims and charging ransom to give the files back.

AROS is spread via social engineering on the internet, advertisements, and also via infected email with the ransomware extension.

After receiving the extension on your computer, the ransomware starts attacking all files by encrypting each of them. The data is given the RSA encryption algorithm that encrypts it and to unlock it, an access key that only the hackers possess is needed.

When the process is finished, all data is given an extension with a randomly generated ID, an email for negotiation and lastly, the acronym “.ARS” is added by AROS, as in the following example: “example.png.[8hfeov6ydr][email protected]

To communicate with the hackers and negotiate the recovery, a ransom note with the name “How_to_decrypt_files.txt.” is assigned to the device’s desktop, containing the information needed to contact the hackers via chat via TOX and start the negotiation. It is worth noting that this action is not recommended.

Recover files encrypted by AROS ransomware

Digital Recovery is a company specialized in recovering data encrypted by ransomwarewithout dealing with hackers.

For over 23 years in the market, we are able to act in the most diverse data center scenarios such as: Storages, RAID, Database, Virtual Machines, Magnetic tapes among others.

Our team of ransomware specialists has been able to recover several extensions, saving millions in losses.

And to favor the solution delivery time, our services are totally remote, from diagnosis to data delivery.

For each company, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is also delivered, which guarantees the secrecy of the entire operation.

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