How we saved a company from a Lockbit 2.0 ransomware attack

We received a contact from a company that said it had suffered an attack and was unable to continue its activities.

This was the situation: More than 10 virtual machines, all hosted on Windows Server that no longer boot because of a malware in the environment, which prevented the company from functioning.

The hacker group Lockbit, having hacked into the environment set a ransom demand of more than 20,000 euros. Ransom that the company refused to pay.

After that, the search for a company capable of recovering their data was started, with many fears about the possibility of recovery without paying a ransom, they found Digital Recovery. We soon positioned ourselves as the solution to the problem. 

Because of the fear with the offered solutions and the possibility of decryption, only one infected VHDX was forwarded, which we totally understand, after all, this is what we hear around. 

We then performed a diagnostic going forward that resulted in a promising scenario that made decryption feasible. With the company’s authorization and the diagnosis done, we then started decrypting the data.

Seeing that we were able to deliver what we promised with one VHDX, the client was quick to send the others. We set a deadline for checkpoints during a project, which allowed the customer to be increasingly relieved.

It was necessary for the company to restore one of its VHDXs as a virtual disk, and then to boot it into a VM. Demand that was successfully met.

Thanks to the skills of our experts, with the help of Tracer, our unique technology, 100% of the encrypted data was decrypted. Within a few days we were able to prevent a fatal loss of time and money for the company and its customers.

The Ransomware attack may not be preventable, but data loss is.

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