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We can recover Hyper-V encrypted by most ransomware extensions.

AVHDX files are an advanced extension of VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) files, commonly used to represent virtual discs in virtualisation systems such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V. This technology is crucial for many businesses and individuals who rely on virtual environments. However, ransomware encryption of these files has become a significant threat.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts user data, making it inaccessible. To restore access, criminals demand a ransom, usually in cryptocurrency. AVHDX files, due to their critical nature, have become attractive targets for cybercriminals.

AVHDX file encryption can cause significant disruption to business operations, as access to virtual systems is vital for many organisations. Loss of access can result in loss of critical data, downtime and reputational damage.

In the face of a ransomware attack, backups will play a key role in restoring operations, but in many cases they are out of date or, in the worst case, the attack has reached them and they have been encrypted.

In such cases, data recovery can only be achieved with the help of data recovery professionals who have the tools and expertise to decrypt AVHDX files.

Digital Recovery offers solutions to decrypt ransomware.

Why Digital Recovery?

Digital Recovery has been operating in the data recovery market for over two decades, with the ability to develop unique technologies that has placed it among the top companies in the market.

We have a long list of satisfied customers who have saved thousands of dollars by not paying the ransom demanded by criminals.

Our solutions can be applied to the most diverse virtual machines on the market, as well as RAID systems, databases, storages, servers, among others.

All our solutions are exclusive, with them we can recover files encrypted by ransomware. All of them were developed based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so that we can offer greater security to our customers.

We can run our solutions remotely in a totally secure way, we provide native language support: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French.

For cases of extreme urgency we have developed the emergency recovery mode, in which our laboratories operate with 24×7 availability.

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How can I identify if my AVHDX files were encrypted by ransomware?

Usually, ransomware will leave a ransom note or a pop-up message informing you that your files have been encrypted, often with instructions on how to pay to get them back. In addition, you may notice that AVHDX files have become inaccessible or that their extensions have been changed.

Is it safe to pay the ransom for decrypting AVHDX files?

Paying the ransom is highly discouraged by security experts. There is no guarantee that the attacker will provide the decryption key after payment, and paying the ransom only incentivises future attacks. It is recommended to seek help from data recovery companies.

How can I protect my AVHDX files from future ransomware attacks?

Some best practices include keeping the system and security software up to date, performing regular backups of files in secure, offline locations, avoiding clicking on suspicious links or attachments, and training users and staff on good security practices to avoid ransomware infection.

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What you need to know

We have a full knowledge of the main virtual machines on the market, as well as exclusive technologies that allow us to recover data regardless of the reason that led to data loss.

Our technologies allow us to recover data from the following virtual machines:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • XenServer
  • RedHat VM
  • Citrix
  • Acropolis
  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • QEMU

It is not possible to establish a price without first diagnosing the affected virtual machine, we can make an in-depth diagnosis in the first 24 hours, after which we provide the budget.

It is worth remembering that the payment is only made after the recovery process has been finalised and after the verification of the recovered files made by the client himself.