Rever Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise these past few years, and new ransomware often emerges. This July, it was the case with Rever ransomware that has some important characteristics.

The main target of Rever ransomware is Synology NAS and Windows Server systems. After breaking in, most often done via unprotected RDP or malicious emails, the attackers encrypt the files defined as important.

The .rever extension is then added to the original name of the files present on the Synology NAS. On the other hand, files from Windows Server environments are given a random . extension, making it impossible to open files such as OpenOffice, MS Office, database, VM backup, VHD files, and others.

Among the recorded attacks, the most hit locations during invasions are the \Desktop\, \User_folders\ and the \%TEMP%%\ folder, which includes the login ID.

The attackers also use the Rever ransomware to generate a text file called “README_recovery.txt”, which is the equivalent of a ransom note. Victims can find the step-by-step necessary to contact the evildoers via the TOX CHAT instant messaging software and pay the ransom in Bitcoin

In many cases, the group offers a free sample, decrypting a file as proof that they can do file restoration. But that is not a guarantee that the group will do the restoration after payment.

Recover files encrypted by Rever ransomware

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