Yqal Ransomware

The Yqal ransomware is one of the variations of the Stop/Djvu ransomware, as well as the Robm ransomware. Stop/Djvu has created a huge cartel of more than 370 ransomware variations.

The STOP/Djvu cartel is the author of numerous attacks, easily the damage caused by their attacks reach into the thousands of dollars.

Yqal uses the RSA 2048 + Salsa20 encryption algorithm, files that are hit by the ransomware can no longer be opened or altered.

The files can only be accessed through the decryption key that is kept on a remote server controlled by the criminals. All files encrypted by the ransomware are given the extension .yqal.

After the encryption process is completed, a text file is generated with the ransom terms, in it is the email address of the criminals so that the victim can contact them to make the payment.

The ransom amount is determined by the amount of files encrypted and the size of the company attacked.

The group does not give any guarantee that the decryption key will even be released after the payment of the ransom, the victim has to rely solely on the word of the criminals, which is clearly not safe.

There are options to recover the files without paying the ransom and without the decryption key, Digital Recovery is able to do this.

Yqal Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Yqal Ransomware

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