Stormous Ransomware

Stormous ransomware emerged amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine. As the invasion of Ukraine began, Stormous took a pro-Russia stance.

Along with the Conti ransomware, which have been at the forefront of cyberattacks against countries that are opposed to Russia. This conflict has shown the advancement of modern warfare that goes far beyond war power.

In the face of threats made by Conti against cyber infrastructures of western companies, Stormous has been engaged in these attacks.

The group emerged timidly in January 2022, with an attack on a French company. Following that attack, the group attacked the US company Serta Inc, and then the Spanish healthcare facility, Fatima Hospital.

All their companies attacked are from the West, a peculiar feature of this group is that the ransom note is written in Arabic, which may indicate their origin.

It is not known for sure if the Stormous attacks are only political or if they aim at financial gain, but from what everything indicates financial gain is the group’s target.

The group acts with the tactic of double extortion, which is the encryption and theft of data, the stolen files are leaked if the victim does not pay the ransom. The group has been leaking the files of the attacked companies.

Even with all this chaotic scenario, recovery of files encrypted by ransomware is possible, even without the decryption key.

Stormous Ransomware

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