Rook Ransomware

Rook ransomware is the newest malware listed among potential attackers who will take advantage of the holiday season to ramp up their attacks.

The vast majority of ransomware attacks are carried out on weekends and holidays, so criminals take advantage of the fact that businesses are down to execute the system attack more easily.

In light of this, the end of the year is an event for ransomware groups, who take advantage of the festivities for their attacks.

With the emergence of Rook brings this concern of yet another group hunting for companies with flaws in their systems. Like the vast majority of ransomware, Rook uses the tactic of double extortion to pressure victims into payment.

In the ransom note left on the victim’s computer, the group threatens that if contact is not made within three days, the files will begin to be leaked, and if contact is made within the three days set by the group, the ransom amount will drop by half.

In their note, the group leaves numerous threats in case the victim seeks external help to try to negotiate or decrypt the files.

For their intentions to be taken seriously, the group releases the decryption key for up to three files that are no larger than 1MB. The groups need to weaken the mind of the victims so that they see paying the ransom as the only way out to get their files back.

Digital Recovery specializes in recovering encrypted files without the need for a decryption key.

Recover Files Encrypted by Rook Ransomware

Recovery of data encrypted by ransomware is a challenge for any company, few of them have achieved such a successful recovery and, we are among those few companies that have.

We have developed unique technologies that are able to recover the encrypted files, even if they have been completely encrypted.

This technology is called Tracer, with which we have achieved good results in the recovery of encrypted files in HD, SSD, Database, Virtual Machines, Storages, RAID Systems, Servers and others.

All our processes were developed according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and we also have the confidentiality agreements (NDA).

For over two decades we have been committed to developing technologies to recover data in any situation. Count on us to restore the full operation of your company.

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