ROGER Ransomware

ROGER ransomware is part of the Dharma ransomware family, which has been responsible for numerous attacks around the world in recent years, causing thousands of dollars in damage to the companies attacked.

There have been more and more groups structured this way, this type of structure brings weight to the name of the group members. ROGER has emerged as a member of one of the most damaging families of 2019.

ROGER has used the resources of Dharma for its attacks, numerous companies have already fallen victim to the group. The main means the group uses to break into the victim’s system are attachments in infected emails, torrent site, malicious ads among others.

After encrypting the files, the extension .id-1E857D00[].ROGER is added to all affected files. And, a file named ‘FILES ENCRYPTED.txt’ is left in which is the email address of the criminals so that the victim can make contact to negotiate the ransom.

The criminals pressure the victim to pay the ransom, but do not give any guarantee that the decryption key will be delivered after payment. The victim needs to rely solely on the word of the criminals.

Paying the ransom is not the only option to recover the files, companies like Digital Recovery, are capable of recovering files encrypted by ransomware.

ROGER Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by ROGER Ransomware

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