Intercobros ransomware

Intercobros Ransomware is a new group that has emerged, but has not presented anything new compared to all the other groups. 

Intercobros follows the same pattern of hacking, encrypting, extracting, and charging a ransom fee. That is the playbook of every ransomware group.

But make no mistake, Intercobros ransomware is a real risk to any company or people, the group carries numerous successful attacks bringing a certain relevance to its name.

The group mainly uses spam email campaigns to break into the victim’s system, after that it makes copies of the files that will be extracted and sent to the criminals’ server, after that the encryption process is started, the group aims to encrypt all the stored files, thus preventing the company from functioning.

The data that has been stolen will be used to pressure the victim into payment by threatening to leak the data on the dark web or sell the files in auctions.

The group will leave a ransom note on all the folders that have been encrypted and it will detail how the victim can contact the group and also say that after payment they will detail to the victim which flaws the ransomware used to encrypt the data.

If the victim does not have an up-to-date backup all his data will be held by the criminals, who have in their possession the decryption key. But even without the decryption key, data recovery is possible through a specialised company.

Recover Files Encrypted by Intercobros Ransomware

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