ELF Ransomware

Uptycs researchers have recently discovered a new ransomware attacking Linux systems. Its name, ELF ransomware.

Ransomware creators usually target Windows operating systems. But this time, technology lovers’ favourite OpenSource system has been exposed to its vulnerability.

ELF ransomware, in reference to “Executable and Linkable Format” files, can encrypt files within the Linux system based on the folder path provided.

Having this information about the folder location, the ELF ransomware then starts encrypting the files present within the folder by adding the .crypted extension to the filename.

Once encrypted, the file becomes inaccessible to the user and then the last step begins. A file called README_TO_RESTORE is created in the environment containing the necessary information for the victim to establish contact with the attacker.

Incidentally, the contents of this file are identical to the DarkAngels ransomware README file. That similarity leads researchers to think the ELF ransomware may be a version of DarkAngels aimed at diversifying target operating systems.

In May, DarkAngels had been designed to infect Windows environments and we now know that ELF ransomware targets Linux environments.

Unfortunately, with the exponential increase in ransomware attacks, it is becoming increasingly complex to escape fatality. That’s why it’s important to know who to rely on when something like this happens.

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