DemonWare Ransomware

DemonWare ransomware has applied an extremely dangerous strategy to businesses, employee grooming. The groups have sent out numerous emails to employees of large companies in order for them to become partners and install the ransomware.

While this tactic is very dangerous, because any access that a disgruntled employee provides renders all the protection the company has developed to prevent outside attacks virtually irrelevant, it shows that the group is still an amateur at not being able to break into systems with their own resources.

But then again, this group becomes dangerous because of the tactics they apply. They offer 40% of the ransom value for employee access.

DemonWare works like other ransomware by encrypting data. In the process of encrypting the information, the affected files change their extension to “.DEMON”. After that, it creates messages in pop-up windows, and creates a “README.txt” file.

Within that ransom note is a link to a site to resolve payment for the decryption key.

Ransomware DemonWare

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