Ransomware DeadBolt

The DeadBolt ransomware has recently emerged and is making numerous attacks, which are targeted at QNAP NAS devices. In its first month, the group has made attacks on at least 15 companies.

DeadBolt is yet another ransomware group that primarily targets QNAP NAS devices. QNAP itself issued a warning about the DeadBolt ransomware attacks, instructing its customers not to connect the NAS directly to the internet, but to a firewall.

DeadBolt claims to have exploited day 0 vulnerability, this name is given to vulnerabilities unknown to the developers of the device, through this breach the group has access to the internal system of the companies and thereby encrypted the stored files

The group has been charging high amounts to release the decryption key. And it is also going beyond ransoms, the group is charging 50 bitcoins to reveal what is this vulnerability of QNAP.

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