DC Ransomware

DC Ransomware is one of the new groups emerging, it already has some successful attacks. Ransomware works like a virtual hijacking.

DC ransomware breaks into a computer and encrypts all files and adds the .dc extension, causing files to become inoperable. All stored files become non-functional.

After the encryption is completed a ransom note is displayed on the desktop. The group sets an amount to be paid in cryptocurrencies so that the decryption key is released and the victim can access their files again.

According to expert tests, it is almost impossible for an antivirus to detect the DC ransomware invasion because the malware weighs a few Kbytes, thus camouflaging itself among the countless files the computer creates all the time.

The invasion of DC ransomware happens in a slightly peculiar way and different from other ransomware, it invades the system through illegal software activations, the famous “cracks”, and also with fake updates of known applications. For this reason it is good to always be on total alert to what you install on your computer. The group also uses spam email campaigns.

Recover Files Encrypted by DC Ransomware

We at Digital Recovery can recover any type of file encrypted by ransomware, because we were able to develop a technology capable of doing so.

Our labs run 24/7, in emergency mode, to speed up the recovery process by not allowing your company to be paralysed for a long time. We also have remote recovery, which can also speed up the process even more.

Our processes are unique and all of them are aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we make the confidentiality agreement (NDA) available to all our clients.

We can recover any type of storage device such as: HD, SSD, Servers, Storage, Database, RAID Systems, Virtual Machines and others.

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