BlackByte Ransomware

The BlackByte ransomware is of the groups targeting large companies and their files, on their website allocated on the Dark Web they boast at least eleven companies that have had their data stolen.

The group uses the tactic of double extortion, which consists of breaking into the victim’s network, extracting and encrypting the files, files that will be used to blackmail the victim, forcing payment.

In their attacks the group used flaws in the Microsoft Exchange system that allows remote access, after getting established in the network, the malware installs a program for remote access, and thus starts the lateral movement.

This lateral movement aims to access more privileged computers that contain sensitive files for the company, thus being able to increase the ransom value exponentially.

The ransomware tries to reach as many files as possible to only then start the encryption, the most precious target for cybercriminals are the backups, if the backups are reached the company will have no other option but to pay the ransom, but this is not entirely true.

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Ransomware BlackByte

Recover Files Encrypted by BlackByte Ransomware

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