Arvin Club Ransomware

Ransomware that falls under the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) system is extremely dangerous. Arvin Club ransomware is part of that category.

RaaS is the malware’s sales strategy, the creators sell their services on DarkWeb for a relatively affordable price. The big danger is that any malicious person, is able to operate a ransomware attack on any company or organisation.

The Arvin Club has a strong presence in the cyber world. The group was already using the Telegram platform as a channel for information, press reports and sharing of other stolen data leaks.

That same Telegram channel has just over 3000 members, including popular threat actors who have moderate to high reputations on cybercrime forums.

The Arvin Club group recently launched its own TOR website in .onion, where it posts details of its latest attacks and data breaches.

There too the group is able to claim or deny attacks and rumours about its reputation. It was through a post on their official website that the Arvin Club group was able to deny an alleged connection to an Iranian group.

Arvin Club still remains somewhat of a mystery in its operation, as they hide samples or extensions dedicated to encrypting files.

Suffering from a ransomware attack, is certainly an impactful experience and surviving it is as challenging as the impact.

That’s why it’s important to rely on competent professionals for the recovery of lost data. That’s the best way to get your business back up and running.

Recovering files encrypted by Arvin Club ransomware

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